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Wholehearted living, creating a world of exquisite beauty and fun!


To support leaders, thinkers, and artists developing their own creative voice, and to nurture awareness of how deeply connected we all are, so that everyone can be happy, empowered, and free.

I am interested in what inspires people, what lights us up.  I want us all to fall more and more deeply in love with each other, with ourselves, and with Life Itself.

My pleasures include traveling, singing, reading, and baking.  Learning new things turns me on.  I try to look for what’s possible rather than settling for how things have been done in the past, which sometimes shows up as a rebellious streak.  I am a dancer, a liberal, and a Taurus.  I dig yoga and riding my bike.  I drink and eat with gusto.  My sense of humor is bawdy.

I am super-lucky in love.  Travis and I have been together for almost 17 years.  We have wonderfully supportive families, great friends, and three cats.

I went to Dartmouth College, and have graduate degrees from the University of New Mexico and the Holmes Institute.  Originally from rural upstate New York, I have lived in New Mexico since 1992.

I am the Minister of Bosque Center for Spiritual Living, a community I founded in 2018.  We meet every Sunday morning at 10 am at Maple Street Dance Space, in Nob Hill, Albuquerque (3215 Central Ave. NE).  It’s a cool scene – you should come sometime.

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