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Thanks for stopping by.  I’m still working on this site – some pages are incomplete.  Please visit .

Recent Work

Positive spirituality with a minimum of bullshit.


I keep returning to the search for Clarity. In my own practice as well as in what I…

Making Fun

It dawned on me recently that all my commitments, convictions, and cares have piled up and hardened up…

Meet You There

For years, since first encountering it, I’ve loved the beautiful Rumi saying: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and…


I create intentional community, empowered spaces in which we can ask big questions together and practice living on purpose.  Everyone is welcome to join us for worship, service, song, exploration, and play at Bosque Center for Spiritual Living  (  Our togetherness makes all the difference.


I have quite a bit to say on a variety of different topics.  At my best I can be dynamic, dazzling, and deep.  I don’t presume to have the answers – in fact, I think the best questions are unanswerable.  What would life be like, what would our world be like, if there was no conversation we were afraid to have?


I approach Life as something to be celebrated – all the beginnings, unions, and endings that comprise our wondrous humanity.  I am honored to officiate all types of ceremonials, memorials, and blessings.  Contact me to discuss how we can create something beautiful and unique together.

To march to the beat of your own drum, you have to drum.

– Rev. Drew Groves

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